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The human chain reaction needs to move forward. The Non-profit Organization, The Human Chain Reaction was created in 2011 by citizens of the Rhone Valley, in France, the most infamous nuclearized area in the world with 14 nuclear reactors. Ever since the Fukushima disaster in Japan back in 2011, we started organizing small peaceful protest marches. On April, 26th 2012, we set up organizing a wider human chain connecting the city of Lyon to that of Avignon and gathering 60,000 people. On that particular day Greenpeace France together with the organization Réseau Sortir du nucléaire joined us halfway through the protest which gave a real boost to the event. We then came up with the idea of ​​the chain in the Rhine Valley (2014) in much the same spirit, our aim being to gather together European citizens who do not want to live a life of constant nuclear fear. As a non violent Non-profit, we want to make every effort to stop the proliferation and development of both military and civilian nuclear power. By undertaking peaceful national and international protest marches, The Human Chain Reaction wants to put forward the necessity for pure democracy. To do so, we want to open up to collaborations with other European and international Non-profits, wider networks and political parties that seek solutions through a clean energy economy. We are convinced that the issue of climate change can be tackled and renewable energy projects enhanced. France and Spain have sunlight and wind while Nordic countries and Northern Europe such as Germany and Denmark have wind and water. We do believe it is possible to build up a European network capable of balancing peak electricity consumption without the need to resort to nuclear power. We want a better future for our children and future generations. That is why we will carry on organizing large peaceful human chains with any organizations who want to support and join us. To this day the gathering of citizens of the world has been our sole strength and...

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