Carte des autoroutes concernée par l'action 2018

Anti-nuclear action on the European highway bridges

Anti-nuclear action on the European highway bridges

Saturday, 10th, March 2018 at 10h-11h30

You are warmly invited to join in and help us organize an international antinuclear demonstration that will take place on Saturday, 10th, March 2018. On THE SAME DAY and AT THE SAME HOUR 10 – 11h30 we will be standing on the highway bridges that connect the Portugal border with the south of Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and all the strategic locations that host nuclear plants.

Photo d'une action pour la sortie du nucléaire
Une banderole du RECH pour la sortie du nucléaire français

We are hoping that you will collaborate to that event. TOGETHER to oppose nuclear power in Europe and show that we stand united to put an end to the greatest European threat caused by aging nuclear plants.

A strong DETERMINATION and a firm UNION between all the antinuclear actors are NECESSARY to implement an efficient energetic transition towards a nuclear-free world.

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Here is the list of the bridges selected before we launch the operation

In Germany

Berlin (women for paix et women against Gorleben)

Moltkebridge Palais du Président

Trève Römerbrückeömerbrücke_(Trier) – und Napoleonsbrücke –ücke_(Trier)

Antiatomnetz Trier


Völklingen Kreisverkehr « Völklinger Platz » vor dem Unesco Weltkuluturerbe Völklinger Hütte

Freiburg in Vorbereitung

Local Greenpeace Saarbrücken

Kreuzung Johanneskirche

Ortsgruppe BUND Saarbrücken

Kreuzung Johanneskirche

– Verein Go For Climate e.V.

– Ortsverband Partei Die LINKE Merzig- Wadern

Mettlach bridge B51

Fukushima Jahrestag Nr.7

Freiburg Augustiner Platz

Antiatom Karlsruhe – under discussion

ATTAC et Cattenom Non Merci

Decision is about to be made by the Cattenom Non Merci organisation. In Mettlach, on the bridge that connects Mettlach to Merzig, on the B51 highway. Also on the bridge that connects Orscholz and Sarrebourg to Trêves.

In Strasbourg

The bridge called “Pont de l’Europe” Bund and STOP-TRANSPORTS / HALTE AU NUCLEAIRE
In Belgium

German and Belgian non-profit organisations (AAA – Aix-la-Chapelle ; Fin du nucléaire) plan to take action near Liege, on the E25 and/or  on the E40/E42 highways, 30 km away from the Tihange Nuclear power plant. We are still waiting for other activists to define their action.

In Luxembourg under discussion

In France

ADN Paris

SDN Moselle (François): 2 bridges (A31 between Thionville and Metz)

Collectif de soutien de Bure (Jérémy) : 1 bridge (A4)

Collectif Anti-Nucléaire Allemand (Fabrizio et Daniel) : 2 bridges

Assos de Bure (Joël et Irène) & p-e Collectif de la Graine à Commercy : 5 bridges (A31 between Nancy and Toul)

Bure haleurs (Achille) : 2 bridges (on the N4 and Langres)

MNE (Meuse Nature Environnement) : 1 bridge

Amis de la Terre et Décroissance (Joe) : 2 bridges (Nancy)

Tonny : 3 bridges (Vosges : St Dié, A31)

Stop Fessenheim (Claude, Jean Jacques, André) : 2 bridges

Greenpeace (François RITTIE Junior): 3 bridges (Metz Sud and Nancy)

=> up to now: 23 bridges (27.1.2018)


From Macon to Lyon

Greenpeace, a local organisation in Lyon and RECH

=> up to now: 4 bridges

On the A7 /A9 Lyon /Vienne – Marcoule RECH et Stop nucléaire 07/26

=> up to now: 9 bridges

On the A9 ADN under discussion as regards Montpellier and Bordeaux

Marseille-Aix en Provence one bridge

In case of a refusal, we have a Plan B

We will turn to some of the most strategic roundabouts near the highways and secondary roads. We are hoping that each department facing a refusal will be able to think about an alternative action. If we stick together we remain stronger.

Keep us posted on your action asap so that we can relate the info in no time through our website


Les Partenaires

BBU/Bundesverband Bürgerinitiativen Umweltschutz

Carte des autoroutes concernée par l'action 2018
Appel pour une journée européenne sur les ponts autoroutiers 2018

Nuclear energy in Europe